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    Inovance offers a wide range of industrial sensors that meet all major international standards including CE, UL, CSA and explosion-proof certifications.

    Inovance's encoders and switches are used in an extensive variety of industries, from electric vehicles to elevators to electronics manufacturing to coal mining.

    Products include:

    • Incremental optoelectronic encoders
    • Absolute optoelectronic encoders
    • Bus encoders
    • Absolute magnetic encoders
    • Servo encoders
    • Optoelectronic switches
    • Magnetic inductive switches
    • Inductance proximity switches
    • Hall switches
    • Brakes & brake starters
    • Escalator sensors


    For further information on all encoders, please get in touch via email.

    Encoder for elevators

    SIN/COS encoder

    Elevator communication encoder

    EI100H series incremental encoder

    EM46 magnetic encoder

    Encoder for servo systems

    EI38 series servo encoder

    EI34H series super-thin wire-saving encoder

    EA35 multi-turn absolute encoder

    Encoder for general industries

    EA79 cross-joint absolute encoder

    EA58S series CANopen encoder

    EI38 series incremental encoder

    EI58 series incremental encoder

    EI118H series large-load incremental encoder

    SZF series explosion-proof incremental encoder


    For further information on all encoders, please get in touch via email.

    Switch for elevators and escalators

    SG series optoelectronic switch sensor

    SMD series magnetic inductive switch

    MCTC series escalator sensor

    Switch for general industries

    SL series inductance proximity switch

    SG series optoelectronic sensor

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