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    Inovance offers industry-specific drive and control systems for strategic customers in a wide range of industries, such as elevators, cranes, and injection molding. When designing industry-specific solutions, Inovance uses the extensive industry knowledge of its R&D engineers to meet customer demands for integrated, intelligent, industry-tailored technologies.

    Integrated elevator and escalator controllers

    The NICE integrated solution is an all-in-one controller and drive concept pioneered by Inovance. The solution reduces cost and enhances reliability, and is suitable for passenger, freight and private residential elevators, as well as escalators and peripheral elevator devices. Key benefits include a small footprint; a single programming interface; fast, easy set-up; ride comfort with time-efficient direct landing, and enhanced safety.

    Integrated passenger elevator controllers NICE3000+ – integrated elevator controllerNICE1000+ – integrated elevator controllerNICE100+ – integrated open-loop elevator controller Integrated escalator controllers NICE2000 – integrated escalator controller Other elevator and escalator products NICE900 – integrated door operator controllerME320LN – elevator AC driveMD380L – elevator AC drive
    Hydraulic servo drives and controls

    New regulations on energy conservation and environmental protection are being enacted by governments around the world. This has caused a trend toward hydraulic servo drive and control products. Inovance has a range of hydraulic servo drive and control products and solutions including a pure electric bus-sharing multidrive servo platform, an IPM salient pole generator, an oil cooling servo system, a die-casting machine control system, and an oil press solution. Inovance's solutions suit a range of applications and industries such as pure electric molding machines, oil presses, die-casting machines and bending machines.

    Hydraulic servo systems for injection molding machines ES510 series – low-power hydraulic servo driveIS580 series – hydraulic servo driveIS100 series – electric door servo systemISMG series – high-response servo motor System for Pure Electric Injection Molding Machine ES810 series – servo multidrive system
    Textile drive and control products

    Inovance has developed a range of dedicated drive and control products specifically engineered to meet the rigorous reliability and performance requirements of the textile industry. Products include a blowing, carding and auto-leveler control system, a roving 4-in-one machine, a high-speed winding 5-in-1 system, an electronic let-off and take-up servo drive, an air jet loom electronic control system, an open-end spinning node controller, and an electronic molding drive.

    Integrated control cabinets IACA200 series – air jet loom electronic control system Specialized drives Lotus100 – electronic let-off and take-up servo system
    Explosion proof AC drive core for coal mines

    The CM3000 explosion-proof AC drive core series is tailored for coal mine applications. The drive core series, which works in 2 and 4-quadrant modes, extends from 55-3,000 kW and offers voltage ratings of 660, 1,140 and 3,300 V. CM3000 is widely used in belt conveyors, mine hoists, scraper conveyors, emulsion pumps, aerial passenger ropeways, and coal mine battery locomotives.

    AC crane drive

    The CS crane AC drive series is designed to meet the special requirements of lifting applications such as gantry and portal cranes, and electric hoists. The high-performance drive series features bespoke crane software and supports multiple crane process cards.

    AC crane drive CS710 – high performance AC crane drive
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