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    Servo system

    Inovance servo drives offer an extensive range of specifications along with reliability, high performance, powerful functionality, easy commissioning, and a wide power range of 0.05-132 kW.

    Standard Model SV820N series – servo driveIS810N-INT – multi-axis servo driveIS620M series – servo driveIS620N series – servo driveIS620P series – high performance servo systemIS650P series – servo driveMS1 series – servo motor
    Permanent magnet synchronous motor

    Inovance servo motors offer compact design, quiet running modes and high performance. The company's servo motors and drives are designed to work together as a package to achieve optimal performance.

    Direct drive rotary servo motor

    The ISMT series direct drive rotary servo motor is a high-precision unit designed for precision positioning and rigidity, without the need for any retarding device. A hollow shaft structure saves space by allowing cables and air tubes to pass directly through the motor.

    When coupled with the IS620 series high performance servo drive, the ISMT motor can implement ultra-quick and precise position, speed and torque control. The servo drive and motor combination guarantees quiet, smooth operations with a repeated positioning precision of ± 3 arc seconds. This makes it an excellent option for LCD, LEW, OGS, IC, robot, and compound processing center applications.

    Standard model ISMT series – precision direct drive rotary servo motor
    Robot motion controller

    Inovance offers comprehensive robot solutions and a complete line of core robot parts including controllers, servo drives and motors, encoders, and industrial vision systems. Customized, industry-specific process algorithms are also available.

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