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  • 足球滚球盘

    Inovance offers a full range of small to medium-sized reliable and durable PLCs, as well as high-performance intelligent mechanical controllers.


    Inovance's PLC is reliable and durable with its outstanding design. Inovance provides a full range of PLC products from small-sized PLC to medium-sized PLC, which support bus applications and can be flexibly combined. They are reliable brain of equipment and communication terminals.

    Medium-sized PLC AM600 – motion controllerAM400 – economical motion controller Small-sized PLC H3U – high performance PLCH2U-XP – general purpose PLCH1U-XP – economical PLCH0U-XP – integrated display and control Special functions MTQMTP8A91G8AB

    Inovance's HMIs offer clear displays and an easy-to-use format. Inovance HMIs can be integrated with equipment from any provider but, to benefit from optimal performance and simplified system settings and operations, they can be used as a package with other Inovance products such as PLCs and AC and servo drives and motors.

    Standard HMI IT6000 series – HMI
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