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    General-purpose AC Drives

    Inovance's MD series of AC general purpose drives offer excellent performance, a wide range of functions and specifications, ease of use, and high reliability.

    Standard drives MD500 – high performance vector AC driveMD290 – general purpose AC driveMD310 – compact vector AC driveMD200 – flexible AC drive Specialized drive MD500E – synchronous motor drive

    This series drive (which can be used together with the power supply unit to form a multidrive system) is a leading low voltage multidrive product for applications requiring complex multidrive systems, such as metal products, printing and packaging, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber and plastics, small-scale paper making, belt conveyors, and test benches. The product adopts a modular design and features high performance, high security, and a high protection rating. It is scalable and easy to use.

    Standard drive MD810 – standard multidrive system
    Medium-voltage drive

    Inovance's HD series medium voltage AC drives are available in a variety of models. With leading hardware and software technologies, the HD series is suitable for general purpose, processing, and high-end applications, and is widely used in various industries such as iron and steel, electric power, coal mining, and petrochemical.

    Standard drive HD9X – drive for general loads
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